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Her bookshelf: Get Up Girly – for neo girly girls

amo_book_1Get Up Girly is a guide for neo girly style directed by Japanese model and producer Amo. The book came out already in 2014, but I got mine last summer when I visited Japan. A few years ago I noticed how a few Japanese fashionistas and magazines started to use the term “neo” in front of different styles, for example the term “neo-gal” (neo gyaru) appeared and apparently also “neo girly”. To me the title of the book sounds almost like a quirky manifesto: “It is time for girliness to make a come back!”.

To be honest I don`t really know too much about the philosophy behind the term since I don`t understand much Japanese but judging from the pictures that Get Up Girly provides neo girly means style that is girly (obviously), vintage inspired, sophisticated and sweet. Maybe something like being your own version of lovely 60s’ icons like Anna Karina or Brigitte Bardot with a modern twist? At least this is the feeling I got from the book. ;)

I remember seeing the term neo girly appear also on Larme magazine`s older issues and I think that this book could still work as a nice guide for Larme style too. The elements and style tips Amo introduces fit the style (Larme) really well in my opinion!

_DSF4313_edit_3amo_book3_DSF4402-Edit_3 _DSF4333-Edit_3

In the book Amo for example introduces her choices for ten “must” have items for neo girly style. Most of the things and brands mentioned are more on the high end side, but you still get nice ideas for classic and versatile pieces to include into your warbrobe. I think most pieces mentioned can be easily found from several, more affordable brands too. Besides one of the key elements to the style that the book presents seems to be combining more expensive brand stuff with cheap second hand. : )

amo_booknew_DSF4357_edit_3_DSF4382-Edit_3amobook_4As a handy guide for someone who plans to travel to Tokyo the book also features several interesting shopping places: cozy vintage shops and other unique looking shops. Generally speaking the book includes lots of tips and ideas about different subjects like movies, music and make-up.

_DSF4388-Edit_3As a huge Katie fan (a Japanese women`s fashion brand) I also have to mention about the little interview with Linda and Taki who are the creators of the Katie brand. I am really curious about the content of this part of the book but unfortunately I can`t get much out of it. I have to try to translate it at some point. ; )

Get Up Girly has lots of pictures and inspiring content. The book`s carefully created design is something I really like and I find Amo`s personal style in the book cute although it is much more toned down from her most popular modeling days.

The book has 112 pages and can be ordered for example from amazon.jp. The price of a new book is 1280 yen (about 10 €) but as second hand it can be bought even cheaper.


Brands to explore: Le Meow


Le Meow designer Emi

Some days ago I accidentally came across a small Japanese brand called Le Meow on tumblr and I fell in love with the cute film photos on their tumblr blog. The brand`s designer Emi is a vintage lover and that shows in Le Meow`s beautiful photos. Their products give me a nice boudoir vibe and remind me a little of brands like Fifi Chachnil. I found Emi`s photos and style super inspiring and Le Meow`s products are perfect for any girly vintage lover. : ) I will definitely keep my eyes on this brand!


Le Meow “Sweet heart pochette” in black.



“Satin Lingerie bag” which is a cute clutch bag or a purse!

Processed with Rookie


Gingham check hair ribbon & purse set.




Le Meow stylings are totally dreamy… Sigh!


You can shop Le Meow here.

Making inspiration collages!

A Collage I made before going to Japan. I used it as a checklist during the trip to keep in mind which kind of items I wanted to look for.

I am really really trying to practise “Buy less, choose well” kind of attitude. One and half a year ago I decided to start keeping a proper wishlist* to avoid impulse buys. : ) Besides having a wishlist I have lately gotten really into making inspiration collages of clothes and items I like! I have always enjoyed displaying my collections and organizing things into nice looking compositions on my shelves. That is probably why I enjoy making digital collages as well! I often use at least some things from my wishlist but also other nice clothes and accessories that help me to make the wholeness more interesting and cute. : ) Generally speaking making collages like this can be fun and even a little bit useful! Hehe…


Clothes and things mostly by Katie and Bubbles.

I make the collages mostly for fun but at the same time I feel they give me extra inspiration and motivation. : ) Although the idea would be fascinating (hehe), the main point of my collages is not to try to get every single item featured but rather be inspired. Ideally doing collages with possible outfits can help me to see which items from my wishlist work together or if I already own something that could work in a little similar kind of coordinates in real life.


My newest collage! At the moment I am really into fuchsia x black combination… This time I decided to use a few items I already own.

I personally do all my collages with photoshop, but if you don`t have photoshop there are some mobile applications and such to create similar kind of stuff. My favourite application for this is aillis camera which allows you to do quick and simple collages with your phone. Another easy way to check how some items roughly look together is by print screening some arranged views from your computer. I use Mac and personally I do this by selecting several pictures and opening them all together in preview (and then taking a screenshot). If you find nice things and ideas from magazines (that you dare to cut) making cut and paste collages could also be a great idea! ^__^ Good luck!

*My wishlist is a folder on my computer where I collect images of products/clothes/etc. I like. Then I keep a list of the prices and rank everything to figure out which items I would like to buy the most. : )

Favourite (almost) traditional Japanese souvenirs!


Japan is a dreamland for cute and interesting stuff, so finding nice things to buy shouldn`t be a problem. Before travelling to Japan I was already fascinated by traditional Japanese wooden toys etc. so I tried to keep my eyes peeled for such things during my trip there last summer. In the end finding old traditional toys turned out to be harder than I thought! Maybe I looked from the wrong places… Anyway, instead I managed to find some kind of traditional and really fun souvenirs. Besides all these things were pretty affordable! All of the items I got were under 2000 yen, most of them were actually under 1000 yen (per item).

Here are my favourite souvenir kind of things from the trip:

“Souvenirs from Japan” -figurines


Japan has lots of interesting vending machines but my favourites were these “Souvenirs from Japan” -vending machines. I think there were at least three different kinds of vending machines and each of them included several different toys. The toys are based on traditional Japanese toys and even though they are made of plastic the quality is really nice! Me and my boyfriend just had to get several of them! For once we got super lucky and managed to get different toys every time expect once. These toys are slightly more expensive (400 yen) than most of vending machine toys, but still not too pricey I think. : )

Cute matchbooks


I think I have found world`s cutest matchbooks… When we were visiting Okayama`s Aeon shopping centre I came across with a shop that sold all kind of local crafts. I immediately noticed these matchbooks! The packaging is simple, but so unique and creative. I can`t remember the exact price anymore, but it was definitely under 1000 yen, maybe 200-500 yen/per package? There were also several different animals to choose from but for some reason I ended up getting only these two sets (big regret…). I know for sure that I can`t bring myself to use these ever haha…

Hariko Brooch


When visiting a flea market that took place at the garden of a temple in Kyoto we came across with a man who made traditional Japanese paper toys called hariko. The man had made several kinds of paper toys but I ended up buying only this small brooch. I think it was only about 800 yen and later I started to regret that I didn`t buy more things from him. His style to paint the figurines was really nice!

Traditional style dog plush


This soft toy was also bought from Okayama`s Aeon from a lovely design/crafts shop (which name I can`t unfortunately remember anymore). I have no idea what they call this type of toys or if it even is traditional style but I thought the dog was very sympathetic looking! I liked the crafty feeling on it. ; ) This toy was around 1500-1800 yen, I think.

Regional towels


I am not 100 % sure how you are supposed to use these towels but if I understood right maybe like dishcloth/teatowel? Feel free to correct me! In any case, these towels were super affordable! I think they cost only about 200-400 yen each and you were able to buy different kinds of towels from different places. Me and my boyfriend ended up getting one from Nara (towel with deers) and another from Okayama (with folklore hero Momotaro). Both towels were bought from pretty regular kind of souvenir shop. Again, Japanese packaging is just too beautiful to be opened…

Second hand kokeshi doll


One of my main missions during my trip was to find a perfect, possibly a bit older kokeshi doll. I did see lots of kokeshi dolls in several places but somehow none of them gave me this “ooh, this is the one“-feeling. I sometimes came across with a wooden box full of kokeshi dolls and they were all nice, but “just nice”. I couldn`t decide which of them was my favourite so I couldn`t bring myself to pick one… In the end of the trip I had already given up with kokeshi dolls until we went to Kamarakura for a day trip. There while walking on a small street, I noticed a wooden box in the front of a tiny shop. Inside it there were several kokeshi but one caught my eye immediately. Most kokeshi dolls I had seen were painted with red and black with maybe a pinch of green. Unlike the others, this one was painted with black and grey tones and I really liked the painting style! I saw that the doll was 1800 yen and I rushed to buy it! I believe that you can find even better kokeshi deals from flea markets and such but this kokeshi felt special to me so I didn`t mind. I must say I have become really attached to this doll during a short time. It is definitely one of my favourite things I got from Japan!

The Girl with a dalmatian skirt


My first attempt to make an outfit post, yay! To be honest, I think taking photos of yourself can be surprisingly troublesome… Since I haven`t taken proper pictures of myself for ages I am not sure how I´d like to pose or do things generally. Most of the pictures turned out rather awkward but I try not to be too critical, everybody has to start somewhere. ; )


sheer top: Risa Magli / dalmatian skirt: Bubbles / badge: Katie / shoes: Vagabond

Like I mentioned on my Japanese fashion autumn inspiration post, dalmatian pattern is something I adore at the moment! I put this outfit together for fun at home some days ago: I was bored for not dressing up that much lately. Finnish weather is already pretty chilly so unfortunately I wouldn`t be able to wear this kind of outfit out without thicker tights and a jacket. : ) The skirt would probably fit better someone a little shorter than me (it is from Japan) and looks really short on me… I will definitely wear safety pants under it haha!