Casual and girly outfit for a café date + Archive By Alexa Chung

It has been a while since I updated with any new content but I hope to get back to blogging more regularly now. I actually took these outfit pictures a month ago, but I had a random sickness/hospital episode (I am fine now!) soon after that so I didn`t have time to finish this post until now. But yeah, I thought it would be fun to share it with you anyway although the content is not totally recent! ^__^

This outfit presents my “casual everyday style” quite well and I think it is easy to feel comfortable while wearing these kind of outfits. : ) I ended up wearing the outfit to a café date with my boyfriend: our day consisted of walking around at the town in windy weather, visiting a few shops and then lastly sitting down in a café while planning out some stuff together. ^__^  I must add that when I plan to walk around all day I usually just wear my auntie ecco soft shoes haha (unlike in the picture, lol)! I never suffer from sore feet when I wear good walking shoes like them so unfortunately I often go for practical instead of pretty shoes these days. :’) Because of the chilly weather I actually also wore an army green jacket which I didn`t realise to include into my outfit pictures but in a month or so it should be warm enough for me wear this look out without a jacket. : ) And that is how I´d prefer to wear this outfit!



hair bow: H&M / top: Marks & Spencer / cardigan: Katie /skirt: second hand / handbag: Topshop / shoes: second hand (my grandma gave them)

I am a huge fan of high waisted (especially A-line) skirts and I think I don`t even own other kind of skirts anymore… Somehow I find high waisted cut really classical, girly and just generally flattering! I keep admiring some French actresses from the 60’s so I decided to have a little fun and use a picture of the café that appears in film “Amélie” as the background. I ended up shooting the pictures at home in the middle of mess so a background switch felt like a good idea hehe… But to be honest I can`t decide if I find this edit just awful and tacky or kind of OK… Making my vision work in reality turned out to be harder than I thought haha..! Oh well… ;)


Here is a picture of some of the pieces I wore as flat lay (I just couldn`t make the cardigan + shoes look good in the flat lay picture…. ught!) and I feel like saying a few things about the black t-shirt I wore. ^__^  I got it from Marks & Spencer a few days ago before wearing it (so about a month ago) and it was sold as a set with a similar white t-shirt. It is quite basic looking t-shirt but if you take a closer look you notice that the sleeves and the collar part have a cute trim detail and there is also small ribbon in front! I often wear basic black tops but I haven`t bought any new ones for about two years: when I accidentally came across this top I got really excited. It was so close to something I have been looking for: a classical black top with cute girly details that make your outfit a little more interesting than wearing just a super basic black t-shirt. Having this top in both black and white colour will be really handy and I can imagine myself wearing these two tops a lot!

The tops seem to be also available at Marks & Spencer webstore and they are actually part of a collection curated by Alexa Chung! I have never bought anything from M&S before and I must say I hadn´t heard about their Alexa Chung collection before I visited the store (that is not so surprising I guess..? :’)) but maybe some of her fans have been looking forward this collection already. The idea of the collection seems to be to bring some classical once produced M&S pieces back to stores as a small slightly modernized collection which has been curated by Alexa. I really like the idea behind this and the pieces Alexa has chosen to include into the collection are really interesting and versatile! I especially liked the tops I got (The Daphne Tee), the blue dress with puffy sleeves and the ribbon + keyhole detail (The Elsie Dress) and the black flower patterned slip dress (The Olive Slip). These two dresses would look so lovely worn together with a red cardigan and red lipstick, ah! :”’o


The Elsie Dress: the original vintage version on left and the modern Alexa Chung version on right

I found some pictures of the original pieces (that inspired the collection) online and I must admit that I find them still cuter than the new versions..! Although I like for example The modern Elsie Dress the vintage version appears much more charming to me which makes me wish they hadn`t changed the design, heh… :’) When I read some comments about the collection I noticed some other people saying the same thing. But it depends on your taste I guess!


The Olive Slip Sress

The Olive Slip Dress reminded me of some lingerie inspired dresses you see many Japanese brands producing at the moment. I think it could work well with Larme* inspired style for example (Larme is still my nro 1 inspiration at the moment!)! In real life the material felt really nice and like a “real dress” to me and not lingerie or nightgown like at all which was a positive thing in my opinion because pieces like that are often lovely but so delicate. When my mum saw this slip dress she first wondered if it is a dress or a nightgown though haha… But in any case I really like the style of this dress and especially how Pixie Geldof (I had to check her name since I had no idea who she is hehe… I am not very aware of celebrities I guess) wore it with a black top underneath. *o* So cute, practical and comfy!

Thanks for reading and I hope to get back to you soon again..! I also should be leaving to Japan next week and if everything goes as I have planned I´ll try to prepare some posts from my trip!

*style inspired by Larme magazine

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