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Katie AW 2017 collection: “Katie`s HIT MEDLEY”

A few days ago before leaving for work I was excited to see that Katie´s AW 2017 lookbook pictures were finally online! It has been a while since I blogged last time so I thought it could be nice to write down some thoughts about the new collection: please feel free to share your opinion as well! I am always happy to chat about Katie, hehe…

katieaw17The collection this autumn/winter is called “Katie`s HIT MEDLEY!” and it celebrates Katie`s 20th anniversary. As the name suggests this collection includes several renewed versions of their iconic items besides some new designs. When I saw the first teaser pictures of the items and heard the theme of the collection I got quite interested because I felt that their SS 2017 collection was a bit more minimalistic and mature than their usual style.


AW17 photobook stylings

Let´s talk about the clothes and the stylings! The general feeling of this lookbook seems 90s or early 00s inspired (Katie was founded in 1998 so that might be the reason!) and the overall style is a bit less vintage inspired than in some of their older collections. The fun and interesting thing in this lookbook is that the clothes are modelled by the actual Katie shop staff girls! I found this idea super cute!


Some of the main elements of the collection are nicely featured in these looks: cherry pattern, lavender colour and velvet, sheer layering pieces and leopard pattern.

The main colours in this collection seem to be black, lavender, white and light pink. Like last year there are several velvet pieces (probably more than ever!), sheer layering pieces and some girly knits. The lookbook features only two different patterns: a classical leopard pattern that appears in a few pieces and the pin up-style cherry pattern. I was able to spot the cherry pattern in at least six different items so it is one of the most dominant and iconic elements in the whole collection.

The overall view of the lookbook coordinates.

The overall view of the lookbook coordinates

Because this collection is partly dedicated to Katie`s hit items it was interesting to see which classical Katie pieces were chosen to be included. After seeing some teaser pictures on Katie`s twitter I kind of expected to see more familiar looking “signature pieces” but there are quite many new ones as well. Classical Katie pieces that you can find are at least the fluffy cardigan (both the short and long versions), Striptease baby doll dress, Under pretties series’ turtleneck and camisole plus the puff dress (this time in cherry pattern!). The collection also introduces some new pieces into the existing Katie clothing series like “Girl In The Room”, “Under Pretties”, “Striptease”, “No Country”, “Café Chic” and “Mad Honey”.


Dance triple strap shoes, sheer Lame tulle socks (yes, the name of the socks is “Lame tulle socks”!) and the newest version of the long ribbon pin.

The accessories of this collection are cute and very “Katie” but it feels like there is a little less of them than on some years. There seems to be only one bag design available and surprisingly no hat boxes although they probably are among the most iconic items of the brand.

“Katie`s HIT MEDLEY” –collection includes quite versatile designs and cute pieces but I must admit that their AW16 had more items that suited my personal style. One reason is probably the colour scheme of this collection: I feel that especially lavender is a bit tricky for me because although I like it as a colour it doesn`t match my current style and wardrobe that well.


My favourite coordinates from the lookbook

However there are some items that I would love to have in my closet! For example I really like the look with the red fluffy cardigan and the midi length denim skirt: the colour combination and the “Sundae Treat” camisole (worn underneath the cardigan) remind me from Une femme est une femme and some looks F.i.n.t had this summer. I also realised that I almost own this look: last winter I already invested in the fluffy short cardigan in red and I happen to have a similar style denim skirt from Forever21!

The Striptease baby doll dress in pin dot (on left) and the Striptease maid skirt in lavender lace (on right).

The Striptease baby doll dress in pin dot (on left) and the Striptease maid skirt in lavender lace (on right).

From the more complicated items my favourite is probably the Striptease maid skirt that seems to be a new release of an older design, because I remember seeing one in peach by Katie years ago. Unfortunately the skirt comes only in lavender and pin dot pattern so there are not many options in colours. The pin dot pattern looks really cute in the new Striptease babydoll dress so I am curious to see how the the pin dot version of the maid skirt looks! After seeing the lookbook my personal favourites items from the collection would be:

♡ The Striptease maid skirt in pin dot

♡ The Sundae Treat camisole in ivory

♡ Dance triple strap shoes in black

♡ Satin long pin ribbon in light pink

What is your opinion of the new lookbook? Did something caught your eye? ; ) You can see the whole lookbook here.

Brands to explore: F.i.n.t & an another angelus + SS17 collection “Angela”


This look from F.i.n.t`s SS16 catalog made me fall in love with F.i.n.t and the picture is overall just lovely.

F.i.n.t`s SS16 (Félicia). This is one of my favourite F.i.n.t/an another angelus catalogue photos ever!

This time I am going to talk about Japanese fashion brand F.i.n.t and its sister brand an another angelus! They have been around for a while already (if I’ve understood right, F.i.n.t was originally established already in 1984!) but I found out about them properly only last summer. Since then I’ve gotten to really like both of the brands.

To me F.i.n.t and an another angelus both look highly vintage inspired and girly. It took me a while to figure out what is the difference between the two of them: is an another angelus a clothing line under F.i.n.t or are they sister brands..? After doing a little research I came to a conclusion that these two are indeed separate brands, however under the same mother company, and they are both sold at F.i.n.t online store. The brand concept written into the official website gave me an impression that F.i.n.t`s look is a mixture of classical vintage style and modern girly trends, whereas an another angelus` clothes are a bit more mature and feminine, but still vintage inspired as well.

Even the old F.i.n.t/an another angelus catalogs are beuatiful! This is F.i.n.t SS15 (Rochefort)

I Iove the graphic design of F.i.n.t & an another angelus catalogues! F.i.n.t SS15 (Rochefort)


F.i.n.t SS15 (Rochefort)

A few years old Universal Doll article informed me that originally F.i.n.t stores used to carry a selection of an another angelus pieces, but in 2014 F.i.n.t and an another angelus had separated their businesses in their own individual stores. Now in 2017 the official shoplist still lists an another angelus stores so apparently the separated physical stores have remained.

As I already mentioned earlier, I got familiar with F.i.n.t and an another angelus only last summer, and thinking back I am almost shocked of how I had managed to be unaware of them for so long! Haha… Since last summer I have been very inspired by both of the brands and I keep checking their online store and shop staff coordinates regularly.


F.i.n.t AW16 (Petulia)

an another angelus AW16 (Petulia)

F.i.n.t and an another angelus seem to share the same collection name every season, and they also present their new items under one catalogue that is divided into to parts for each brand, so you can tell which items are by F.i.n.t and which by an another angelus. I personally like both brands about equally, but I noticed that usually, for some reason, an another angelus` collections seem to include a little less items than F.i.n.t`s.


Some examples of the shop staff coordinates

fint_shopstaff2 copy

Floral patterns and vintage inspired accessories!

What I especially like about F.i.n.t and an another angelus is their strong vision and brand concept. The style of their catalogues is very movie–like and it is easy to imagine that there is some kind of of story behind the pictures: you almost feel like browsing an art book. Most of the collections have a women´s name: there have been collections named Marjorie, Nancy, Félicia and Petulia for example.

The shop staff coordinates are also very enjoyable to look at, and the shop staff runs blogs that are actively updated with their most recent outfits and new arrivals. Although the clothes are not true vintage, I think both of the brands manage to recreate the vintage feeling quite well and in a very tasteful way.


F.i.n.t AW15 (Nancy)

F.i.n.t AW15 Nancy

F.i.n.t AW15 (Nancy). I love the illustrations!

To me F.i.n.t`s and an another angelus´ catalogues are among some of the most beautiful ones I have seen, and it was extremely hard to pick only a few examples as you can see! For their catalogues they use mostly foreigners as models, and the locations featured look like they could be in Europe or USA. Maybe this way they try to reach “the vintage feeling” similar to that in 60s European movies or something!



These two styles look like something that Anna Karina could had worn in the film Une femme est une femme! (an another angelus, SS17 Angela)

F.i.n.t & an another angelus SS17 “Angela”

F.i.n.t`s and another angelus` Summer/Spring 2017 catalog was released recently and the current collection is named “Angela”. The main inspirations of this collection are marine fashion, floral patterns and 60s film heroines: especially Angéla (acted by lovely Anna Karina) from the film “Une femme est une femme”. The film features Anna Karina wearing some amazing and most enviable outfits, and many of these looks have been recreated by several bloggers and vintage lovers.


SS17 (Angela)

The pieces inspired by Anna Karina`s look in the film include the name “Angela” in their titles and so far there are at least ribbon hair bands, a collared one piece in red and black and a long sleeve top with Angéla print. A few pieces that are not yet available remind me of the lingerie pieces featured in Anna Karina`s “sailor stripping scene” which I found very interesting.

Because the new SS17 catalogue doesn`t seem to include all the pieces of the collection, there might be more Angéla inspired items yet to come.

fint_angelica copy

Angelica onepiece (on the left) and the white bralet with ribbon details (on the right) are among my favourite items of this collection!


Cute retro cardigan with an embroidery detail (and the left) and the popular Angéla top that already sold out at (on the right).

Since I am also a huge fan of the movie Une femme est une femme and Anna Karina`s looks in it, I am thrilled to see clothes inspired by it! I already ordered myself the red Angela dress and I am hoping to purchase a few other items later.

The new collection seems to be selling well on Fashionwalker, and some clothes are already sold out after just a few days. Luckily most of the things are still available at the official F.i.n.t online store so that might be worth checking out if you saw something you fancy!

 ♥ F.i.n.t official website

♥ an another angelus website

 ♥ F.i.n.t and an another angelus webstore

image source: the catalogue pictures, shop staff looks, looks

Brands to explore: S for Shoko

sforshoko1 After following Shoko London`s instagram I couldn`t miss it when she lauched her brand “S for Shoko” earlier this year. The brand is inspired by 1960s, music and art and all the clothes are made in London. The bold, colourful and retro style patterns that many of the clothes are featuring are designed by Shoko herself.


Shoko wearing a multi coloured tweed set from her AW collection.


So far S for Shoko has released two collections: SS 2016 collection “Light, Light me on” and AW 2016 collection called “London Dreaming”. The Spring/Summer collection features mostly colours pink, white and red and the impression it gives me is very feminine and fresh. I personally feel that the most memorable pieces of this collection are the pastel shade multi coloured tweed items and the Nouvelle Vague dress which recently appeared on Kate Nash’s music video.


the Nouvelle Vague dress


S for Shoko Spring/Summer 2016

I personally liked S for Shoko`s SS collection but I must say that their AW collection is my favourite so far! “London Dreaming” collection`s main colours are deep red and navy blue and these two colours together create very retro feeling. New multi coloured tweed pieces are also introduced: this time in pink (the main colour) and red (the main colour). My favourite item from this collection is definitely the red sailor style pleat dress, it is one of the loveliest dresses I have seen for a while! The rose pattern that comes in navy blue + red combination in this collection looks also very iconic to me. It actually reminds me a little of some Scandinavia patterns from the 60s!



S for Shoko sailor dress in red


LONDON tweed set


So colourful and retro!

I like so many things about S for Shoko and I think that there is something unique and fresh about it. There are many brands that produces lovely clothes but I feel that these days it is getting harder and harder to create something original and new but in my opinion S for Shoko has succeeded in this. Shoko seems to be loyal to her own style and taste while designing her clothes and that is something I admire. I will look forward seeing how the brand will develop in future!

S for Shoko official website

image sources: link, link, link

How do you feel about S for Shoko so far? : )

Katie AW collection “Alternative Queen”


It has been already a bit over a month since Katie released their AW collection`s lookbook, but since I adore the brand so much I still wanted to share my thoughts about this collection!


The model of the AW collection this year is Sara Mary (instagram:saramary12). Until this year Risa Nakamura used to model Katie`s lookbook pictures for several years.

I was slightly disappointed in Katie`s SS 2016 collection (“Rebel Lolita”): somehow the collection didn`t feel very “Katie” to me, but when I saw the AW 2016 lookbook it was love at first sight. I was also happy to see re-releases of some of their signature pieces because many of the older versions have already been on my second hand wishlist (but have turned out to be hard to find…).


Some re-releases: a dot textured “Doll Agent one-piece” and “Fluffy long cardigan” in new colours.

The AW collection this year is named “Alternative Queen” and the general feeling it gives me is a mixture of grunge and girlyness – so pretty typical Katie I guess haha. But this time they have taken the grunge side even further you could say! This autumn Katie draws inspiration from Courtney Love and the collection even includes a few pieces that are basically reproductions of Love`s iconic outfits. These pieces will surely be popular and the “Nobody`s daughter” dress that came to the stores first is already sold out.


These two dresses called “Retard Girl courtney dress” (that really is the name of the dress…. the name comes from a song by Hole) and “Nobody´s daughter baby dress” and they are based on dresses Courtney wore.

I must admit I don`t know that much about Courtney Love but I like her style. I actually ended up listening to her band “Hole” a little inspired by Katie heh… But I still need to figure out how I feel about their music! Courtney`s style in the 90s was really girly and cool: peter pan collared dresses, leopard pattern and lingerie style satin dresses.


original dresses that Courteny Love wore (Miss World and Retard Girl).

Actually when I googled her pictures I realised that Katie has been inspired by her for years already and I noticed Courtney wearing many very familiar looking Katie-like pieces. Katie has for example produced clothes such as t-shirts and badges with graphics that are clearly inspired by Courtney`s band “Hole”. Already several years ago they also made their first version of the “Miss World” dress which was a hit product already back then.

amo_missworld copy

Risa Nakamura and Amo wearing the first Katie “Miss World” dress from A/W 2012 collection.

Apparently Courtney Love and her personal style may be a bit topical right now because I just found out Nasty Gal made a collaboration with her around last January. Unfortunately all the best pieces seem to be already sold out, meh, but luckily Katie offers some lovely pieces inspired by her too! ; )


These outfits are some of my favourites from the collection. I love the red “UNDER PRETTIES turtle neck”! The velvet camisole dress which comes in dark red, black and pink is also very cute.

While Katie`s AW15 collection was sweet, pink, fluffy and just super cute their AW16 seems more edgy and a little more mature. The colour palette they have used is more toned down (last autumn`s fuchsia pink is gone! snift…) and there are a few new colour additions to the typical Katie colour scheme: red and charcoal grey. Like last autumn I still have a crush on red colour so seeing some Katie “classics” now available in red is great news for me. This collection includes more sheer, lingerie style pieces than their AW15 and also several velvet pieces that are cozy and cute for autumn and winter time.


“Dress IN VELVET” set and “Miss World courtney dress”: I have a feeling that this dress will be one of the most popular pieces in this collection.


These two looks are also among my faves. The Fluffy short cardigan on the right is surely one of my favourite items!

I personally like this collection a lot: it is quite different from last year but I think it includes many clothes I could see myself wearing. My ultimate favourites aka the things that go to my wishlist (certainly “wish”list haha) are the Under Pretties turtle neck (red), the Miss World dress, Dress in Velvet skirt (black), the big velvet hair bow (red) and the short Fluffy cardigan (red or vanilla maybe?).


My favourite accessories from this collections are the velvet bows that come in two sizes.


These necklaces are really cute but I´d probably prefer them with another text. :’)


Classical one-strap shoes and a chocolate inspired hat box. Like Sara Mari already pointed out on her blog many accessories of this collection seem have a strong chocolate theme!


Sara Mari also shared her thoughts about the collection on her blog right after the release of the lookbook so her post about the subject might interest you as well! The looks I shared in this posts are only some of my personal favourites, you can find the whole lookbook from here.

How do you feel about this collection? Is it a hit or miss? ; ) Which pieces are your personal favourites?

image sources: all the Katie pictures, The Courtney Love pictures

Brands to explore: Le Meow


Le Meow designer Emi

Some days ago I accidentally came across a small Japanese brand called Le Meow on tumblr and I fell in love with the cute film photos on their tumblr blog. The brand`s designer Emi is a vintage lover and that shows in Le Meow`s beautiful photos. Their products give me a nice boudoir vibe and remind me a little of brands like Fifi Chachnil. I found Emi`s photos and style super inspiring and Le Meow`s products are perfect for any girly vintage lover. : ) I will definitely keep my eyes on this brand!


Le Meow “Sweet heart pochette” in black.



“Satin Lingerie bag” which is a cute clutch bag or a purse!

Processed with Rookie


Gingham check hair ribbon & purse set.




Le Meow stylings are totally dreamy… Sigh!


You can shop Le Meow here.