Her outfits

Hanging out with a poodle

For me January has gone really fast and somehow I have found time to dress up nicely only a few times so far. I have been really tired and stressed but yesterday I had some spare time so I thought it would be nice to doll myself up and wear the grey puff top I got on sale. During latest two years I haven`t made many sale purchases around Christmas/new year but this year I got super lucky and managed to grab a few sale items I had been eyeing since early autumn.poodlebaglook1_4

My outfits tend to be kind of casual but these days I try to remember to wear some accessories (please note the black ribbon on the top of my head haha). I especially like badges, hair bows and vintage style hair clips.

This pink poodle bag is one of my favourite things, I think it is so so cute and I love the fact that it is inspired by vintage Barbie`s bag. The same bag in light pink is currently -40% on sale on Stylife.co.jp by the way!poodlebaglook_detail_4

Under the grey top I am actually wearing Katie`s Sweet Date dress which is suprisingly versatile piece: it even has pockets! I usually wear it over a long sleeved t-shirt or alone with a light cardigan if the weather is warm enough.poodlebaglook2_4I am still practising posing and taking better quality photos with my boyfriend`s camera + tripod. Our apartment doesn`t have any nice spots to shoot outfits so when the weather gets warmer I hope to try taking outfit photos outdoors too! I just have to find places where I can take them without other people staring at me haha… I feel way too shy and awkward about posing for my photos in front of bypassers!

The Girl with a dalmatian skirt


My first attempt to make an outfit post, yay! To be honest, I think taking photos of yourself can be surprisingly troublesome… Since I haven`t taken proper pictures of myself for ages I am not sure how I´d like to pose or do things generally. Most of the pictures turned out rather awkward but I try not to be too critical, everybody has to start somewhere. ; )


sheer top: Risa Magli / dalmatian skirt: Bubbles / badge: Katie / shoes: Vagabond

Like I mentioned on my Japanese fashion autumn inspiration post, dalmatian pattern is something I adore at the moment! I put this outfit together for fun at home some days ago: I was bored for not dressing up that much lately. Finnish weather is already pretty chilly so unfortunately I wouldn`t be able to wear this kind of outfit out without thicker tights and a jacket. : ) The skirt would probably fit better someone a little shorter than me (it is from Japan) and looks really short on me… I will definitely wear safety pants under it haha!