The Girl with a dalmatian skirt


My first attempt to make an outfit post, yay! To be honest, I think taking photos of yourself can be surprisingly troublesome… Since I haven`t taken proper pictures of myself for ages I am not sure how I´d like to pose or do things generally. Most of the pictures turned out rather awkward but I try not to be too critical, everybody has to start somewhere. ; )


sheer top: Risa Magli / dalmatian skirt: Bubbles / badge: Katie / shoes: Vagabond

Like I mentioned on my Japanese fashion autumn inspiration post, dalmatian pattern is something I adore at the moment! I put this outfit together for fun at home some days ago: I was bored for not dressing up that much lately. Finnish weather is already pretty chilly so unfortunately I wouldn`t be able to wear this kind of outfit out without thicker tights and a jacket. : ) The skirt would probably fit better someone a little shorter than me (it is from Japan) and looks really short on me… I will definitely wear safety pants under it haha!

Her bookshelf: Girl`s style book (少女スタイル手帖)





Girl`s style book is a book that is full of small ideas and inspiration for decorating a girl´s room (or anyone`s room who enjoys this kind of aesthetics haha). The book features several kinds of vintage toys such as pose dolls, roly-poly toys, plushes and girly accessories. There are also some interesting interior pictures included! For some reason a few of the pages are in black and white, but that didn`t bother me personally at all. : )

Girl`s style book was published in 2002 which surprised me a little because it doesn`t look too outdated and I still find the layout very appealing. It is interesting to see different kinds of old toys that I have never seen before, I wish I could read the text parts too! :’ ) There are also some toys that I have randomly seen on eBay before!

I got this book from Mandarake`s book selection from Japan last summer, but it seems to be available on for example. : ) If you don`t know Japanese there is an English version of the website available that makes ordering lots of easier!

Cheers! <3

60s love for autumn/winter

One of my long time sources of inspiration is the 60s’ fashion. A few years ago I was shortly a bit tired with vintage fashion generally and I ended up dressing really casually for a while but now I have found my love for old fashion again and I can`t get enough. I personally find 60s fashion very girly and cute which is probably why I like it so much.

In this post I am going to talk about the elements and items I have been most inspired by lately. I am not an expert on the 60s or fashion so I don`t possibly use all the terms and such right do please try to bear with me. I am talking about things simply based on my personal opinions and taste. ;’)


Brigitte Bardot wearing red outfit and Pattie Boyd featuring her signature hairstyle and cute, very 60s style makeup.

In hair I often prefer rather simple looks and the way how Pattie Boyd (or Anna Karina on bottom right) did her hair looks probably the most appealing to me at the moment. This kind of hairstyle could be simple enough for even me to master which is a bonus since I am definitely not a wizard with my hair, haha… I also think that Pattie`s hair style could also be easily upgraded into a bit fancier one by adding a bow detail or a thick (or alternatively really thin) headband. Pigtails with bow details (like BB wears above!) also look super cute to me! That is a look I´d really like to copy (with a little curling perhaps?)!


Sylvie Vartan and Anna Karina.

In both clothing and interior design red color often gives me a nice retro feeling. This autumn I notice myself liking red clothes even more and I am in love with the idea of combining a red with black or navy blue creating slightly sailor inspired looks. Too bad I just noticed that I own awfully little red coloured clothes, maybe I´ll try to hunt down a red a-lined skirt or a pleated tennis skirt at some point to fulfill my outfit dreams haha… ; )


Mustard coloured a-lined skirt and a red themed outfit! Both model are also wearing cute hair bows.

During latest 2 years or so I have been really into pink clothes again which has resulted in a rather big selection of pink in my wardrobe… The problem is that sometimes I have noticed myself feeling a bit uncomfortable and silly if I am wearing ”too much pink”. This has led to me avoiding wearing some of my favorite pink clothes which is a pity… Maybe the medicine in my case could be combining pink with more toned down colors and elements such as black tights or suitable accessories. I think that the 60s’ pictures will be a good source for inspiration in this case too. ;) Besides combining black and pink the idea about combining red and pink has fascinated me lately! To me these two colors looks really fresh and fun together so I look forward trying this combo at some point. B )


Catherine Deneuve.



Jean Shrimton in a darling bubble gum pink faux(?) fur coat.

When talking about coats and outwear I think that my taste and inspirations have remained the same for several years already. I adore classical wool coats and this autumn I have noticed myself liking very classical colors such as camel, black and red. Besides wool coats I am still into faux fur coats (which have remained as a trend for several years, I think) but personally I should probably stick with natural shades after all… Last year I gave in to temptation and bough an oversized lilac faux fur coat which ended up being too flashy and unique for me. :( So maybe I´d better skip pastels in faux fur coats after all, sigh…

Model and photograher Pattie Boyd posing on a park bench, 1964. Boyd was married to George Harrison and Eric Claption. (Photo by Michael Ward/Getty Images)

Pattie Boyd.

Jean Shrimpton and Hiroko Matsumoto. Shrimpton`s coat has super nice collars!

In dresses I go mostly with a-line dresses, somehow for several years I have been really fond of this style/design. I think that short a-line dresses look very girly and cute with heels! Though I must add that wearing safety pants to not show too much might be a good idea if you are a little clumsy like me hehe… My favorite kinds of A-line dresses often have pockets, bottons on the frontside, contrast panels or maybe a cute collar with a bow detail! Lately I have noticed myself eyeing this type of dresses also in rather bold colors such as orange and forest green which is a bit funny since I am not too good at combining these kinds of colors with anything else than black haha… But if the dress has a nice fit and design, why not I guess..? ; )


A nice collection of a-line dresses with different designs.


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Generally speaking my all time favorite things from the 60s are probably a-line dresses, skirts and coats, space age fashion, bouffant hair styles, drawn on lower eyelashes and cat eye makeup (maybe I´ll write more about space age and 60s makeup styles later…). ; )

What are your favorite vintage inspirations? <3