Her bookshelf: Girl`s style book (少女スタイル手帖)





Girl`s style book is a book that is full of small ideas and inspiration for decorating a girl´s room (or anyone`s room who enjoys this kind of aesthetics haha). The book features several kinds of vintage toys such as pose dolls, roly-poly toys, plushes and girly accessories. There are also some interesting interior pictures included! For some reason a few of the pages are in black and white, but that didn`t bother me personally at all. : )

Girl`s style book was published in 2002 which surprised me a little because it doesn`t look too outdated and I still find the layout very appealing. It is interesting to see different kinds of old toys that I have never seen before, I wish I could read the text parts too! :’ ) There are also some toys that I have randomly seen on eBay before!

I got this book from Mandarake`s book selection from Japan last summer, but it seems to be available on amazon.jp for example. : ) If you don`t know Japanese there is an English version of the website available that makes ordering lots of easier!

Cheers! <3