Japanese fashion inspiration part 1 (autumn/winter 2015)

I really like girly and vintage inspired clothes, and especially in Japan these styles are well presented and quite easily available. I think the brands there show a lot of creativity, I love how unique and cute ideas they often have. I also like the fact that several brands seem to be focused on certain kind of look instead of creating their collections purely based on current trends or to please larger audiences. Browsing Japanese fashion magazines inspires me a lot, especially “reading” Larme magazine which features girly but slightly more mature looks.

Again, I am not a trend expert or anything but I thought it could be fun to share some of my favorite autumn/winter pieces and ideas with you! I try not to follow trends too eagerly, but rather find inspiration and things that suit my existing style the best. : )

These two posts focus mainly on my current favourite brands, so I apologise if the result feels rather narrow or monotonous to some of you.

Modern sailor girl


lilLilly`s sailor style dress vs. Katie`s similar kind of dress

One of my favourite pieces this autumn are the sailor inspired dresses by lilLilly and Katie! I find these two designs surprisingly similar: both dresses have cute pockets and a button row in front. Instead of using the classical navy blue both brands have gone for a little different colors this time and I think that the result is very freshening! I am a fan of vintage inspired sailor looks but sometimes it is easy to accidentally create cosplay-like looks with sailor themed elements. That is something I personally try to avoid since it makes me feel a bit out of place.

lilLilly`s dress is made of velvet which seems to be a trend material in Japan this autumn. Lately I have seen several brands introducing velvet items! The both dresses become in three different colors (lilLilly: white, black and peach / Katie: pink, olive and black), my personal favorites are probably peach and black.

Sweet x leather


On left Risa Nakamura x Bubbles collaboration coordination featuring a faux leather skirt with lace trim. Katie`s autumn lookbook coordination on right also has a faux leather skirt, this time with girly ruffle trim.

Combining sweet and girly elements with leather or pvc is not a new idea, but this autumn it seems to be visibly popular again. The combinations I have personally liked the most feature black faux leather combined with lighter colors such as pink or white. Again, Katie`s A/W collection includes a few faux leather items suitable for this kind of looks. But since Katie is a little on the pricier side I was happy to see that Risa Nakamura`s collaboration collection with Bubbles also had slightly similar style skirt which I ended up grabbing.

A bit newer Japanese brand named Fallin´also features pvc/faux leather items in their new lookbook. To me their collection seems quite bold and fetish inspired rather than super sweet.

I love this old streetsnap of Risa wearing a fluffy sweater and a faux leather skirt! Too cute…


Fluffy and soft


Fluffy looks by lilLilly and Lilicious.

Fluffy materials have seemed popular already for a few years or so. Like last autumn/winter many Japanese brands seem to have fluffy cardigans, marabou shoes and such in their selections. I am still very into fluffy materials myself so I really like how much fluffyness especially lilLilly`s/Lilicious` A/W collection has. Like I already mentioned in my 60s inspiration post I am really into red so Lilicious` fluffy set above makes me drool a little haha.


Katie`s long fluffy pastel cardigans look comfy but cute!

My last autumn`s pom pom obsession hasn`t healed yet either so I am happy to see that several brands are still producing items with pom pom details… ; ) Poodles seem to be some kind of trend also this year (more about poodles in part 2) and meanwhile I have managed to develop a little crush on them haha! I must say that I was little surprised to like Ank Rouge`s poodle cardigan on bottom left though since usually I am allergic to cardigans with zippers. I used to have a few super hideous zipper cardigans when I was in my early teens, so I am still a little suspicious if I am ready to like this kind of designs. : D


Poodles and pom poms! Ank Rouge`s items are not usually exactly my style but I like several things from their autumn collection!

Part two coming soon…

Image sources: Katie, Lillilly/Lilicious, Bubbles, Fallin’, Risa`s streetsnap, Ank Rouge