Japanese fashion inspiration part 2 (autumn/winter 2015)

Sheer lingerie inspired looks


Lingerie looks by Lilicious. I think that the both styles have a nice vintage feeling in them.

I think that lingerie or lingerie-style pieces worn as outerwear with everyday clothes make really nice outfits! These kinds of looks are often sophisticated but still cute and a little sexy. Lingerie-style pieces seem to be trendy this autumn so they are available from several Japanese brands. Looking at lookbooks that feature this kind of style inspire me a lot, but the fun thing is that you can find similar style lingerie also as second hand. So recreating this kind of looks can be easy and affordable!


Tops by Honey Cinnamon and lilLilly.

Besides lingerie or lingerie-style pieces sheer items generally are great for layering cute and very larme-kei (a term to describe Larme magazine`s style) looks. I think that sheer tops made of mesh or lace look especially nice with solid ribbed turtle necks and long sleeved tops!


Risa Nakamura often wears coordinations with sheer layering items. Her collection with Bubbles naturally included also perfect clothes for this purpose like the bolero top pictured.

Retro girl (and poodles…)

I still see many Japanese brands producing clothes that give me nice retro/vintage vibes, though girly retro style isn`t probably as trendy now as it was some years ago. Because I am a 60s lover I still get excited about items that bring cute mod girls, boudoir babes or such to my mind. : ) Last autumn/winter I remember seeing some cute matching sets and I am secretly hoping to find similar stuff this year too! I´d love to find a perfect matching top x skirt set at some point! I wish I knew how to sew haha…


I came across with Japanese brand called “Pui” only recently and I absolutely adore this set by them! Too bad it is currently sold out…


Katie`s A/W lookbook styles with a little retro vibe. I remember seeing authentic vintage skirts with a poodle detail very similar to the skirt on the right.

As I already mentioned on my other post poodles seem to be doing at least a small comeback this autumn. At least when talking about Katie, poodles are very present on their Pink Hits A/W collection! Generally speaking I love how Katie seems to actively draw inspiration from vintage fashion every year: did you know that their poodle bag (bottom image) is based on a vintage Barbie`s poodle bag? Vintage Barbie seems to be one of Katie`s fashion idols since this is not the first time Katie has items inspired by her. ; )

Näyttökuva 2015-9-22 kello 1.15.06

Katie`s poodle bags are to die for…

Leopard / Dalmatian pattern


Risa Nakamura wearing Bubbles` dalmatian skirt and on the right Katie shop staff girl Hinako(?) wearing a cardigan with leopard collar detail.

Generally speaking I am not the biggest fan of animal prints. However about 6 years ago I started to like leopard pattern, which looks actually kind of classical to me. Especially when worn with black colour! I only have a few leopard pattern pieces but lately I have got interested in it again. I also recently found my love for dalmatian kind of pattern that I have seen appearing in Bubbles` and Wego`s recent collections for example. I love black x white combo, and the dalmatian pattern is really cute! Some other animal patterns like tiger or zebra are not (at least yet) my cup of tea, but I am all for the dalmatian and leopard hehe…


Lillilly`s dalmatian wintercoat and Peco version of Bubbles’ dalmatian skirt.

Classical vintage style coats


I adore the style of these two Titty&Co winter coats.

This year I have been eyeing rather classical autumn and winter coats and I adore Titty&Co`s selection! Their collection includes several classical, long wool coats which I could imagine so well on Catherine Deneuve or some other 60s actress. The faded lilac shade looks especially nice to me and I like the big collars my example coats have. I must say that the idea of a red winter coat with a retro feeling also fascinates me a little, but I am not sure do I lean more towards that or Titty&Co`s harmonic shades. Not like I was 100% sure if I am even getting a new winter jacket this year though, hehe… At least I should probably get rid of my old coats I haven`t worn after high school…

Thank you if you took your time and ended up reading about my inspirations and thoughts!

What things inspire you this autumn/winter? Did you share some Japanese fashion favourites with me? ; )

Image sources: lilLilly/LiliciousHoney CinnamonKatieBubblesTitty&Co