Katie AW collection “Alternative Queen”


It has been already a bit over a month since Katie released their AW collection`s lookbook, but since I adore the brand so much I still wanted to share my thoughts about this collection!


The model of the AW collection this year is Sara Mary (instagram:saramary12). Until this year Risa Nakamura used to model Katie`s lookbook pictures for several years.

I was slightly disappointed in Katie`s SS 2016 collection (“Rebel Lolita”): somehow the collection didn`t feel very “Katie” to me, but when I saw the AW 2016 lookbook it was love at first sight. I was also happy to see re-releases of some of their signature pieces because many of the older versions have already been on my second hand wishlist (but have turned out to be hard to find…).


Some re-releases: a dot textured “Doll Agent one-piece” and “Fluffy long cardigan” in new colours.

The AW collection this year is named “Alternative Queen” and the general feeling it gives me is a mixture of grunge and girlyness – so pretty typical Katie I guess haha. But this time they have taken the grunge side even further you could say! This autumn Katie draws inspiration from Courtney Love and the collection even includes a few pieces that are basically reproductions of Love`s iconic outfits. These pieces will surely be popular and the “Nobody`s daughter” dress that came to the stores first is already sold out.


These two dresses called “Retard Girl courtney dress” (that really is the name of the dress…. the name comes from a song by Hole) and “Nobody´s daughter baby dress” and they are based on dresses Courtney wore.

I must admit I don`t know that much about Courtney Love but I like her style. I actually ended up listening to her band “Hole” a little inspired by Katie heh… But I still need to figure out how I feel about their music! Courtney`s style in the 90s was really girly and cool: peter pan collared dresses, leopard pattern and lingerie style satin dresses.


original dresses that Courteny Love wore (Miss World and Retard Girl).

Actually when I googled her pictures I realised that Katie has been inspired by her for years already and I noticed Courtney wearing many very familiar looking Katie-like pieces. Katie has for example produced clothes such as t-shirts and badges with graphics that are clearly inspired by Courtney`s band “Hole”. Already several years ago they also made their first version of the “Miss World” dress which was a hit product already back then.

amo_missworld copy

Risa Nakamura and Amo wearing the first Katie “Miss World” dress from A/W 2012 collection.

Apparently Courtney Love and her personal style may be a bit topical right now because I just found out Nasty Gal made a collaboration with her around last January. Unfortunately all the best pieces seem to be already sold out, meh, but luckily Katie offers some lovely pieces inspired by her too! ; )


These outfits are some of my favourites from the collection. I love the red “UNDER PRETTIES turtle neck”! The velvet camisole dress which comes in dark red, black and pink is also very cute.

While Katie`s AW15 collection was sweet, pink, fluffy and just super cute their AW16 seems more edgy and a little more mature. The colour palette they have used is more toned down (last autumn`s fuchsia pink is gone! snift…) and there are a few new colour additions to the typical Katie colour scheme: red and charcoal grey. Like last autumn I still have a crush on red colour so seeing some Katie “classics” now available in red is great news for me. This collection includes more sheer, lingerie style pieces than their AW15 and also several velvet pieces that are cozy and cute for autumn and winter time.


“Dress IN VELVET” set and “Miss World courtney dress”: I have a feeling that this dress will be one of the most popular pieces in this collection.


These two looks are also among my faves. The Fluffy short cardigan on the right is surely one of my favourite items!

I personally like this collection a lot: it is quite different from last year but I think it includes many clothes I could see myself wearing. My ultimate favourites aka the things that go to my wishlist (certainly “wish”list haha) are the Under Pretties turtle neck (red), the Miss World dress, Dress in Velvet skirt (black), the big velvet hair bow (red) and the short Fluffy cardigan (red or vanilla maybe?).


My favourite accessories from this collections are the velvet bows that come in two sizes.


These necklaces are really cute but I´d probably prefer them with another text. :’)


Classical one-strap shoes and a chocolate inspired hat box. Like Sara Mari already pointed out on her blog many accessories of this collection seem have a strong chocolate theme!


Sara Mari also shared her thoughts about the collection on her blog right after the release of the lookbook so her post about the subject might interest you as well! The looks I shared in this posts are only some of my personal favourites, you can find the whole lookbook from here.

How do you feel about this collection? Is it a hit or miss? ; ) Which pieces are your personal favourites?

image sources: all the Katie pictures, The Courtney Love pictures