Katie Spring & Summer 2016: BETTIE PAGE FAN CLUB

bettiepagefanclub_katieThis morning when I woke up I noticed that Katie`s Spring and Summer collection`s lookbook is finally online! I have had a huge crush for the brand for a few years now so seeing the pictures of their new collection is something I always look forward eagerly. This year their Spring/Summer collection is named “BETTIE PAGE FAN CLUB”* so I was especially curious about the looks and pieces of the collection. If you are interested to learn more about Bettie I recommend you to watch the document “Bettie Page Reveals All”. I watched it myself from Netflix and I thought she seemed so sweet and lovely!

I really like Katie because the brand`s style is girly and cute but in a little more mature way compared to some other Japanese brands, I think. Many of their clothes are also a bit edgy besides being cute: several Katie pieces feature John Willie`s bondage art and a popular theme in their stylings is to combine sweet and frilly pieces with faux leather.

Because this collection is something I have looked forward so much I thought it would be fun share my favourite looks and pieces from the new collection with some rambling. :) The whole lookbook with the prices and names of the items can be found here.


I ♥ BETTIE FAB babydoll dress vs. I ♥ BETTIE FAB puff top and corset skirt

These looks featuring Bettie Page pattern pieces are probably some of the most memorable and maybe most iconic pieces from this collection. I especially adore the look on the left featuring the puff top worn with the corset skirt + red Katie`s signature pom pom mules!


Casual and girly vs. Elegant and girly

I was happy to see that this collection also included some “classical” Katie pieces like new versions of UNDER PRETTIES series` pieces. UNDER PRETTIES series includes more simple style dresses, tops and skirts that often have a small bow or a similar detail, like the black dress on the left.

This collection also has some plushes like the rabbit the model is holding. I think that it is a nice idea to have new decorative items like this in the collection besides some cute pillows and glasses. I collect some vintage and designer toys myself but I am a little picky about the design/style of the toys and Katie`s plushes are not unfortunately quite my style.



White, pink, black and red seem to be the main colours of the collection.

Some of my ultimate favourites from the collection are Katie´s signature pom pom mules in new colours! I love those shoes eep, I wish this year I could finally grab my own pair of those, haha…

Bettie Page under panties are maybe the most fun items in this collection besides the Bettie Page print t-shirts. So cool!


Some of my favourite things are also the Lacy cardigans and the Triple heart mini fork in black: those are things that I`ll definitely add to my wishlist. *o*


I feel that the lookbook this year has lots of casual and minimalistic pieces which in my opinion makes this collection a little different from some of the previous collections. The overall feeling of “BETTIE PAGE FAN CLUB” collection also feels more mature to me than for example their A/W 2015 collection`s (PINK HITS). Many pieces are really versatile and classical, but some of them are even a bit too casual and simple to my liking. At the moment I prefer slightly girlier pieces with more obvious “Katie vibe” so I´ll probably keep my eyes on that kind of pieces. : )


Some more minimalistic looks. I like denim but in this collection the denim pieces like the jacket and the jeans feel a little “basic” to me.

Generally speaking I liked this collection and it has many great pieces but at the moment it feels like it is not probably among my top three favourites from Katie this far. We will see if I change my mind later when I see the shop staff doing coordinates with the pieces hehe…

What do you think about this collection? : ) Please feel free to share what items and looks you liked the most. : >

*EDIT: In february Katie released some so-called photobook pictures of the S/S 2016 collection under name “Rebel Lolita”. All the info about the collection I saw before had the name “Bettie Page Fan Club” printed so I assumed that is the name of the whole collection. It seems that the S/S 2016 collection might actually be named “Rebel Lolita” and only the selection of Bettie Page inspired items are part of “Bettie Page Fan Club” collection which is some kind of a mini collection under the main collection. : )