Making inspiration collages!

A Collage I made before going to Japan. I used it as a checklist during the trip to keep in mind which kind of items I wanted to look for.

I am really really trying to practise “Buy less, choose well” kind of attitude. One and half a year ago I decided to start keeping a proper wishlist* to avoid impulse buys. : ) Besides having a wishlist I have lately gotten really into making inspiration collages of clothes and items I like! I have always enjoyed displaying my collections and organizing things into nice looking compositions on my shelves. That is probably why I enjoy making digital collages as well! I often use at least some things from my wishlist but also other nice clothes and accessories that help me to make the wholeness more interesting and cute. : ) Generally speaking making collages like this can be fun and even a little bit useful! Hehe…


Clothes and things mostly by Katie and Bubbles.

I make the collages mostly for fun but at the same time I feel they give me extra inspiration and motivation. : ) Although the idea would be fascinating (hehe), the main point of my collages is not to try to get every single item featured but rather be inspired. Ideally doing collages with possible outfits can help me to see which items from my wishlist work together or if I already own something that could work in a little similar kind of coordinates in real life.


My newest collage! At the moment I am really into fuchsia x black combination… This time I decided to use a few items I already own.

I personally do all my collages with photoshop, but if you don`t have photoshop there are some mobile applications and such to create similar kind of stuff. My favourite application for this is aillis camera which allows you to do quick and simple collages with your phone. Another easy way to check how some items roughly look together is by print screening some arranged views from your computer. I use Mac and personally I do this by selecting several pictures and opening them all together in preview (and then taking a screenshot). If you find nice things and ideas from magazines (that you dare to cut) making cut and paste collages could also be a great idea! ^__^ Good luck!

*My wishlist is a folder on my computer where I collect images of products/clothes/etc. I like. Then I keep a list of the prices and rank everything to figure out which items I would like to buy the most. : )