Katie SS 2017 collection: “Rose & Daughters”



“The Virgin Suicides” (1999)

I have been checking Katie`s website for about a month hoping they would release the SS 2017 lookbook and today it is finally online! The Spring and Summer collection this year is called “Rose & Daughters” and judging from the decorations of their SS 2017 exhibition one of the main inspirations for this collection must be the film “The Virgin Suicides” by Sofia Coppola. One of the collection´s dresses is even named “Rose Garden´s lux’s dress” after one of the film`s main characters!


Lux wearing a floral dress in The Virgin Suicides.


Risa and her Lux inspired styling at Rose & Daughters exhibition.

Katie`s Night fever top vs. the striped top Mary (second girl from the left) wears in Virgin Suicides

Katie`s pink Night Fever top vs. the striped top Mary (second girl from the left) wears.

ROSE GARDEN lux´s dress and NIGH FEVER bare top

Rose Garden lux´s dress (on the left) and Night Fever bare top worn together with Night Fever skirt and Katie Jeans boogie jacket.

After eyeing the lookbook for a while I spotted the words “Hanging Rock” in the names of several items and got curious: the name sounded a little random to me so I googled it. I found out that there is actually a film called “Picnic at Hanging Rock” (which suddenly started to sound awfully familiar…) directed by Peter Weir and after seeing the school girls in the film wearing white frilly dresses and straw hats I became convinced that some items of the collection are definitely inspired by this film as well!


Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)


Very “Picnic at Hanging Rock” inspired look featuring Hanging Rock puff dress and Daughters straw hat (on the left) and a more modern, casual look with a glimpse of the Apple Yard College t-shirt.

Picnic at Hanging Rock.


Dreamy sceneries from the “Picnic at Hanging Rock”.

Unfortunately I haven`t seen “Picnic at Hanging Rock” myself but I love its aesthetics and the plot seems fascinating so I really want to see it now! After doing some research about the film (while trying to not spoil myself) I also realised that the girls in the film are students at “Appleyard College” which probably explains the “Apple Yard Collage” text in one of the collection`s t-shirts! Wikipedia also taught me that even Sofia Coppola was fascinated by “Picnic at Hanging Rock” and the film had an influence on both “The Virgin Suicides” and “Marie Antoinette”.

It isn`t probably a coincidence that Katie also decided to combine the aesthetics of these two films in the same collection. After finding out about the references to “Picnic at Hanging Rock” I wouldn`t be surprised if there were more inspirations and other references that I totally missed haha…

Most of the coordinates for the S/S 2017 lookbook

Most of the coordinates featured in the SS 2017 lookbook.

Lastly some thoughts about the collection itself: the colour palette this Spring/Summer seems to be quite typical to Katie including white, pale pink, light blue and black. Red and bordeax also seem to be present like in the A/W 2016 collection which is great since I have grown to like these colours a lot! A few olive green/khaki pieces are also included.

Be Your Cat lacy pants in olive green and pink Josephine skirt (on the right)

Be Your Cat lacy pants in olive green and pink Josephine skirt.

I think these looks are very cute!

These two looks are so cute! The blue overall is lovely although I couldn`t probably pull it off myself.

Although this collection is mostly quite different from the SS 2016 collection I feel there are some similarities too. In the both collections there are some denim items (jeans and coats) and several simple, casual style clothes at least compared to other collections, for example A/W 2016. The overall feeling of the collection is quite mature and minimalistic and I must admit that I miss the more girly “Katie feeling”. I´d like to love this collection but I must admit that many of the items look a little too simple to my taste.

Some looks featuring the jeans of the collection. I hardly wear trousers so these are not really my style.

The new collection includes two types of high waisted jeans.

The two looks are among the most simply and mature ones of the collections

These two looks are probably among the most minimalistic and mature ones in the whole collection.

I think it is interesting to see Katie doing new things and seeing Elli-Rose modeling the lookbook was a nice surprise: I think she is a little different from the models they have used in the past (typical Katie model seems to be a cute girl with bangs).

I already briefly talked about this with Sara Mari and we both agreed it was interesting to see Katie using a little more mature style model like Elli-Rose which kind of shows that Katie is also for women in their 30s! That makes me happy because in a few years I will already be closer to 30 than 20 myself and I still hope to wear Katie as long as I like their stuff haha…

Shiny Shiny lame cardigan in appeals to me a little for some reason (on the left) and I love the bordeaux Rosemary skirt + bustier t-shirt look!

Shiny Shiny lame cardigan (on the left) appeals to me a little and I love the bordeaux Rosemary skirt + bustier t-shirt look!


I really like the white + bordeaux combination on the left and the black Café Chic high waist skirt (on the right) is one of my all the time favourite Katie pieces.

I feel that many items from “Rose & Daughters” don`t really suit my personal style but I liked the inspirations behind the collection and the film references. My favourite items from the collection are the Café Chic high waist skirt that does a come back in black and the bordeaux red Rosemary skirt and camisole one-piece.

After seeing how different this collection is compared to their older collections I keep wondering if Katie has started to change their brand identity a little by little. I guess that the next collection might reveal if they take a few steps back to their signature items and girly look or continue to produce more minimalistic and mature pieces.

How do you feel about the new collection? What are your favourite pieces? ^__^ 

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Katie happy bag review

I have been curious about Japanese lucky bags aka fukubukuro for some years and this year I ended up ordering one for the very first time. Fukubukuros are basically mystery bags sold around New Year and they often include some left over items from the previous collection/s but many brands also produce special fukubukuro items just for their lucky bags. Sometimes the content of the lucky bag may be revealed beforehand, but often you will buy the bag without knowing what you will get exactly: that is part of the fun! In any case the lucky bag`s value is usually at least twice more than the price you pay so you have a great chance to get nice things for a lot cheaper price. Of course there is a risk that you will end up with things you don`t like or need, and this is one of the main reasons why I didn`t dare to try ordering one until now.

Already last year I considered grabbing a lucky bag from Katie the brand, but I missed the release time and apparently the bag sold out in 10 minutes, lol… So this year when I started to think about purchasing one I was already a lot wiser hehe!


Some possible happy bag items Katie revealed on their Twitter and blog.

Like most of the brands Katie announced the release date and time of the lucky bag beforehand on Twitter (they actually call it a “happy bag”). The bag was released around 5AM in my local time so I had an alarm to wake me up haha… This year they apparently had quite a many bags available since when I ordered mine the website told me there were still 99 bags in stock!

At the webstore there were actually two kinds of bags available: a 10800 yen (85€) bag and a cheaper 5800 yen (45€) bag that included only accessories. I decided to order the more expensive bag since I hoped to get some clothes too. For the ordering I used a package forwarding service Tenso. Before I received my order I actively stalked on instagram what other customers got hehe….


Some instagram pictures of the happy bag contents other customers got tagged with #katiethestore. The picture in the middle seems to have the same content I got but in different colours.

Like on the last year Katie`s happy bag consisted of pieces from their older collections. I noticed that the items of the bags also varied so all the bags didn`t include the same contents. I liked most of the things I saw but looking at the pictures made me a bit worried if I would end up getting some clothes in yellow because I know I wouldn`t have any use for them… The item I would had wanted the most was the black top with white frill collar but for some reason the other items that appeared next to it on the haul pictures were not to my taste that much.

What my happy bag included:


I got a grey long sleeve top, lilac lacy bloomers shorts, a large frill tote bag, a white fluffy cap, a badge and a hair clip (not in picture).


I was relieved that all the things I got came in colours I like and I actually thought everything looked cute. Well, except a hair clip I also got: the clip had some fake fruits on and a gingham ribbon on it that totally reminded me of some Christmas decoration. I ended up leaving that out of my photos…. :’ ) But overall I was quite happy with my haul! The total value of the items I got was also better than I expected: over 40 000 yen (310€).

The pieces I got are something I wouldn`t had likely bought myself but luckily they are still cute and I have some use for them. I think will wear them with black and other darker colours since even though I like how light pastel colours look I feel more comfortable when I am not wearing pastels from head to toe. When I tried to wear the top and the shorts at the same time the combination reminded me of some kind of pyjama set for some reason haha. :’D

Here are still some stock pictures I managed to find of the items I got (minus the hair clip again):



The bloomer shorts and the same fluffy cap in pink.

What do you think about lucky bags? : ) Have you ever purchased one?