The Girl with a dalmatian skirt


My first attempt to make an outfit post, yay! To be honest, I think taking photos of yourself can be surprisingly troublesome… Since I haven`t taken proper pictures of myself for ages I am not sure how I´d like to pose or do things generally. Most of the pictures turned out rather awkward but I try not to be too critical, everybody has to start somewhere. ; )


sheer top: Risa Magli / dalmatian skirt: Bubbles / badge: Katie / shoes: Vagabond

Like I mentioned on my Japanese fashion autumn inspiration post, dalmatian pattern is something I adore at the moment! I put this outfit together for fun at home some days ago: I was bored for not dressing up that much lately. Finnish weather is already pretty chilly so unfortunately I wouldn`t be able to wear this kind of outfit out without thicker tights and a jacket. : ) The skirt would probably fit better someone a little shorter than me (it is from Japan) and looks really short on me… I will definitely wear safety pants under it haha!