Trends and popular pieces in Japan Summer 2016

Now it has been about two weeks since I returned from Japan and I finally managed to finish my first post inspired by the trip! First I am going to ramble a little about some trendy items that caught my eye during my trip!

I am not 100% aware what are “the official mainstream trends” (in Japan or generally) this summer but these pieces/elements are something that I ended up spotting quite often. Someone else could probably pay attention to different things than I did and of course I might have even missed out some really obvious trends. My personal information is based on what I saw people wearing in Kyoto and Tokyo and I am talking only about women`s fashion. :)

two jacket styles I have spotted: U.S military style jacket and the MA-1 bomber style jacket

Jackets by Wego, Ingni and orSlow


MA-1 jacket trend seems to be really strong in Japan right now and I remember this trend being popular already last winter: now trendy girls seemed to be wearing lighter summer versions of this popular style. Even though I saw some fashionable Japanese girls wearing MA-1 jackets already a few years ago I must admit I grew to like this trend really slowly and only rather recently. After seeing so many girls wearing cute over sized khaki green jackets I suddenly realised I had started to like this look a lot too! Well, maybe MA-1 style could be considered as one kind of classic? Hehe… The funny thing is that I never realised to pay attention if MA-1 jackets are a trend in Europe too (or more specifically in Finland) and I don`t remember spotting them that much… Randomly a few days ago I happened to check out H&M`s Autumn catalog and there they were: khaki green MA-1 jackets! So apparently this style is also a global trend at the moment? : )

This summer many Japanese brands offer MA-1 jackets in several colours such as pastel pink and cream but to me it seems like the classical khaki version is still the most popular by far. Generally speaking khaki seems to be really trendy colour this summer and I saw it almost everywhere in Japan: in jackets, tops, skirts etc. Besides bomber style MA-1 jackets I spotted other khaki coloured military style coats. I think some of the jackets even had “U.S Army” patches on them so first I thought they would be vintage but it I hard to tell. I noticed that at least WEGO is making them with the U.S patches (the first image from the left)… :’)


E hyphen world gallery BonBon / Crayme / Ingni


Besides khaki coloured clothes I noticed that one of this summer`s biggest trend in Japan was Culottes and wide pants. I think they must be pretty practical and nice in Japanese summer! Most commonly I saw these pants worn in solid, often earthly tones such as (surprise, surprise!) khaki or black but sometimes also some patterns were used such as the flower pattern on BonBon`s version.

This is a trend I don`t see myself following (at least yet, heh…) since I hardly ever wear trousers but it suits others nicely! I am curious to see if this trend is going to remain popular also next summer or not since I don`t remember seeing this style much still a few years ago (at least in Finland, unfortunately I don`t know about Japan!). Besides Culotte style pants a bit similar looking style created with a long, loose skirt appeared popular!


Monki`s denim button skirt vs. Katie`s version.


Third kind of mainstream trend that I spotted in Japan is denim: one of the most popular items seemed to be a-line skirt with a button row in the front! I think I saw lots of these especially in Kyoto for some reason. I actually ended up buying the same style skirt from Monki just before my trip because I felt like I didn`t have enough basic versatile skirts. Buying the skirt turned out to be a great decision since I ended up wearing my skirt a loooot. It is really easy to combine with almost any top! Maybe this is why it is such a popular piece? ; )

Besides denim skirts I spotted lots of denim jackets (often oversized) and even some “all denim” coordinates with jeans and a same shade denim jacket! Loose, a little wide 80s style jeans seemed to be one of the most popular style.


slip dresses by Wego and Rope’ Picnic


When talking about tops wearing a lingerie style camisole over a t-shirt seemed to be super popular and this trend has been going on for a while already. Most commonly I saw loose black camisoles worn over a loose white t-shirt but of course other combinations appeared too. Usually the camisoles worn over the top were rather minimalistic and simple but also lacy lingerie style camisoles (and slip dresses) caught me eye sometimes.

Another version of this look was to wear lingerie like slip dress over a t-shirt. The interesting thing about this kind of style to me is that you could think that wearing lingerie looking pieces as outerwear would almost automatically make the look a bit sexy or brave but I felt that most of the time this kind of combo came across just effortless and even a bit casual. In Japan it is also suprisingly common to see people wearing tops and dresses like babydolls that reveal your shoulders over a t-shirt so this type of look doesn`t feel totally new to me.


Wonder Rocket, Katie and Wego


Besides a “camisole over a t-shirt” -look one of the most popular tops this summer were puffy tops. When checking out different clothing shops I noticed several brands selling this style: Katie, Wego, Wonder Rocket, Bubbles… Just to name a few! I find this style really girly and cute and last summer I also ended up getting two sheer black tops like this myself.

This summer I saw puffy tops most often in light colours such as light yellow, white and pink and they were usually worn with a mini skirt. Besides solid tops also sheer versions of this style seemed to be kind of popular and for example Katie and Rose Marie Seoir stocked tops like this.


Supreme.La.La. and nano・universe


This trend wasn`t probably among the most mainstream trends but I managed to spot pinafore style dresses often enough to pay attention to them so I added them into the list anyway! Somehow it was really hard for me to find pictures of the exact type of pinafore dresses I saw in Japan and first I didn`t even remember the correct term for them (vest dress? jumper dress???). In the end I managed to find something similar enough and the nano・universe`s version is kind of close to what I mean but maybe slightly longer. Most often I spotted pinafore dresses in black with a very deep V-shaped neckline and with a fitted waistline. People who wore this style were usually really stylish and seemed to prefer rather minimalistic look.


Katie`s Pancake hat and ONSPOTZ`s fedora


This trend was something I didn`t notice until my boyfriend pointed it out for me. When he commented about it I realised that many girls indeed were wearing fedoras or hats similar to them. Once again (……erh) I must admit that first I didn`t even know what name for this style of hats was! While writing this post I noticed that Universal Doll just had a very similar post about Japanese summer trends and I was curious to read what Mitsu had spotted. By reading her post I accidentally found out the specific term for the hats I saw hahah… So yes! Just like Mitsu already reported white and light coloured summer fedoras seemed really popular! Besides fedoras other a little similar style hats appeared popular too and I often saw hats that reminded me a little of Katie`s Pancake hat from their SS16.

That was about it! ^__^ I plan to keep blogging about some things that inspired and excited me during the trip but it will take a while before I have all my material edited and posts written (I am awfully slow at writing my posts, huh!). But yes, I think you can expect a small series of Japan themed posts coming up sooner or later! : ) Thanks for reading!

How do you feel about these trends? Have you spotted the same trends in Japan or elsewhere? : )